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About Us

Aimpoint Research is a global marketing research firm providing the insight leaders require to make better, more informed decisions that reduce risk, optimize resources and maximize success.  Aimpoint fuses proven research methodologies, advanced collection techniques, superior analysis, and inspired presentations to give your company a competitive advantage.

Aimpoint is different from other research firms by blending best practices from military intelligence disciplines with those of the civilian market research industry. We provide unprecedented insight into the minds of those who most impact our clients’ success and help them channel that knowledge into successful organizational strategies.

For over two decades, Aimpoint consultants have helped corporate, organizational, government, and military leaders achieve their objectives with actionable intelligence.  Contact us today to discuss how Aimpoint can be of service to you and your organization!


Global Access

Our facilities are full service research centers and serve all global management operations, offering several focus group areas as well as a fully staffed on site call center to execute critical aspects of intelligence gathering with speed and accuracy for our clients and partners.

With offices located in the U.S. and Italy we serve our clients around the globe.

Our Team

Brett Sciotto

President & CEO

Brice Civiello

VP, Global Business Support

Marcello Sasso

VP, Global Business Development

Alessandro Ferrari

Director, European Operations

John Huffman

Director of Research, ARC Columbus

Mara Riva

Field Operations Manager

Cinzia Cerio

Field Operations Manager

Ben Hisey

Research Analyst

James Carpenter

Director of Visuals

Scott Stafford

Associate Director, Financial Intelligence Group

Missy Graham

Director of Marketing & Communications

Jacqueline Sciotto

Business Support Specialist