(COLUMBUS,OHIO) July 20th, 2017 – Aimpoint Research, a global leader in the market research industry, has made two valuable additions to their research team. The advanced training these analysts bring to the team will significantly enhance the company’s continuous growth and expansion into a variety of new industries and disciplines.

“Aimpoint Research continues to expand the team around the world and seek out the best and brightest to serve our clients.  Alyssa Cox and Caroline Dumas are just that…they are brilliant researchers who bring tremendous insight and technical skills to our growing practice.  We are excited to have them join our research center in Columbus and look forward to introducing them to our clients and partners.” – Brett Sciotto, CEO

Alyssa Cox

Research Analyst

A South Bend, Indiana native, Cox earned her undergraduate degree in Rhode Island at Roger Williams University graduating Magna Cum Laude double majoring in Psychology and German and minoring in Marketing and Business. Alyssa realized her passion for consumer behavior and combined it with her love for marketing delivering her senior thesis in psychology analyzing the factors influencing impulse purchases.

She is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia’s prestigious Masters of Market Research program and will be utilizing this robust skill set to create actionable insights for clients, while answering their most complex business questions. During her time at UGA, Alyssa worked on numerous projects to get real world experience applying the theories from the classroom such as conjoint analysis, social ethnography, and predictive analysis. Specifically, she participated in a client partnership with Arby’s consumer insights department to uncover insights for the quick-service restaurants future direction as well as competitive landscape of the industry.

Alyssa spent her time at UGA as a graduate research assistant for the marketing department where she assisted in the research process of the numerous studies conducted by the faculty of the department.

Caroline Dumas

Research Analyst

Earning a Master’s in Market Research from the University of Georgia, home to the nation’s first Market Research program, Caroline’s passion for consumers lies in her knack for creatively fusing multiple data sources and research methodologies into actionable and innovative insights. Caroline was exposed to market research while earning her marketing degree at Georgia College and State University, where she realized how powerful insights are to clients.

White pursuing her Master’s degree, Caroline worked with Lowe’s to develop customer profiles and realized her passion for consumer behavior while gaining exposure to a variety of different research approaches. The partnership with Lowe’s allowed her to gain real world supplier-client experience, analyze data to determine a strategic marketing approach, and provided her with valuable exposure to client presentations.

Throughout the program, Caroline had the opportunity to practice and continue the growth of her skills in data analysis and visualization by working with real data from Home Depot, Combos, Coca-Cola, and Unilever.

About Aimpoint Research

Aimpoint Research is a global, multi-disciplinary marketing research firm providing the insight that leaders require to make better, more informed decisions that reduce risk, optimize resources and maximize success. Aimpoint Research creatively blends best practices from military intelligence disciplines with traditional and cutting-edge consumer research methodologies to provide unprecedented insight that leads to successful organizational strategies.

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