Senior Operations Research Analyst

Aimpoint Research LLC seeks a Senior Operations Research Analyst to work in the Columbus, Ohio area and various unanticipated locations throughout the U.S.

Job Description and Job Duties

Involved in all aspects of the organization, helping managers decide how to allocate resources, develop production schedules, manage supply chain, develop Global Business Development Plans, and set prices: for example, may build a forecasting model to establish consumers of the future trends, provide organization with directions to invest in areas with the highest potential; reviews and approves budget plans; applies analytical and mathematical methods to assist management in making better, more informed decisions and solving problems; utilizes qualitative and quantitative research methods; collects appropriate data and information, identifies problems, develops solutions using statistical analyses and proven practical solution implementation methodologies and practices; defines data requirements and gathers and validates information applying judgment and statistical tests; develops and executes multi-tier branding strategies; specifies manipulative or computational methods to be applied to model; develops software, mathematical models, statistical models and simulations, analytical programs and other tools; utilizes computer software, such as databases and statistical packages, to analyze and solve problems; utilizes statistical software to simulate current and future events and evaluate alternative courses of action; breaks down problems into their various parts and analyzes the effect that different changes and circumstances would have on each of these parts: for example, to help the company study the feasibility of a new office location, performing site selection study employing software that predicts the eventual success starting from Census data, estimating the number of potential clients in the area, their business size and revenue, their specific requirement and the appropriate pricing structure.

Special Requirements

Must have 3 years of post-secondary academic study in Business Administration. Must have three (3) years of experience in the job offered or as a Research Manager.

Three (3) years of aforementioned experience must have included all of the following:

1) Reviewing and approving budget plans;

2) Developing and Executing multi-tier branding strategies;

3) Developing Global Business Development Plans; and

4) Utilizing qualitative and quantitative research methods.

To apply, send Cover Letter and 2 Resumes to:  REF# 8864.002, Attn: Brett Sciotto, Aimpoint Research LLC, 575 W 1st Ave, Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43215.