Mobility Management Tool

Increase Sustainability Efforts with Employee Mobility Insights 

Administered from our Milan, Italy office, the Aimpoint Research mobility team works collaboratively with mobility managers and company employees to gather information needed to develop a sustainable mobility plan.


The Mobility Management Tool is an efficient and economical tool that helps companies:

  • Improve the accessibility of the company headquarters
  • Comply with new Italian and European government regulations around mobility
  • Advance corporate image with a focus on sustainability 
  • Optimize the costs of moving employees, and the demand for parking inside and outside the company
  • Improve the well-being and performance of employees
  • Identify the best solution for a pleasant alternative to private transport in everyday work travel

A Tool to Help You Comply with Government Regulations 

According to government regulations in Italy, companies are required to measure and track employee transport. Mobility Management promotes sustainable transport and reduces single occupancy car use by changing travelers’ attitudes and behaviors. “Sustainable mobility in urban areas” provides that companies with single local units with more than 300 employees adopt the home-work travel plan (PSCL) of its own employees and appoint a person responsible for company mobility. The plan is aimed at reducing the use of individual private transport vehicles and improving the organization of schedules to limit congestion.



Interested in learning more about the Mobility Management Tool? 

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