(COLUMBUS,OHIO) July 12th, 2017 – Aimpoint Research, a global leader in the market research industry, has achieved significant growth in recent years and continues to build their team with this year’s internship program.

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For the past 13 years, Aimpoint Research has recruited undergraduate and graduate students to dive into their fast-paced, hands-on internship program. By the end of the summer, students will have achieved extensive on-the-job experience and practical training they can use to produce solid market research in their future careers. This year’s class of interns will gain valuable insight into research knowledge by working on complex customer projects, performing in-depth analyses and data visualization, and transforming information into actionable insights.

“We are fortunate that Emily Gracik and Jack Lumpe stepped forward to be considered for our internship program this summer. They are both rising stars in our industry and are providing invaluable support to the Aimpoint Research team. We couldn’t have selected two more capable individuals.” – Brett Sciotto, CEO

Emily Gracik

Research Assistant

Emily brings a unique blend of marketing and research expertise through her advanced training and wide range of work experience.  She is a proud Spartan graduate from Michigan State University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, and is in the final semester of completing a Master of Science in Market Research from Michigan State University. For years, Emily has studied the major components driving growth, consumer behavior, marketing effectiveness, and organizational success that can be applied to any business size, type, or industry.

Emily previously worked as a Business Analyst for a Fortune 500 company, where she utilized data and cultivated relationships with sponsors to improve advertising effectiveness. She has advised leaders on digital strategy, survey writing, data analytics, segmentation, social media campaigns, database organization and goal-setting, and has her own leadership experience managing a team of marketers at a recently-established church. Emily has been focused within the insurance, non-profit, consulting, and entertainment industries, but is determined to expand this list to other avenues over the summer and throughout her professional career.

Jack Lumpe

Research Assistant

Jack is a second-year intern with Aimpoint Research. He first joined the summer internship program in 2016, where he played a key role assisting with complex research projects in the agriculture space. From crop inputs, to producer research, to chemical studies, Jack’s experience with Aimpoint Research has given him an in-depth understanding of the world of agriculture. He is currently a junior at Gannon University, where he is studying entrepreneurship. His coursework provides him with a 360-view of how to create a long-lasting, successful organization and his academic training in business and marketing strategy allows him to bring an all-encompassing mindset to research at Aimpoint.

Jack is a passionate researcher and has been diligently working on expanding Aimpoint Research’s respondent database focusing on recruitment, conducting phone interviews, and visualizing data. As a previous Aimpoint Research intern, Jack looks to expand his knowledge in the agriculture industry and apply his learnings across other industries in 2017 making him an invaluable asset to the team.

About Aimpoint Research

Aimpoint Research is a global, multi-disciplinary marketing research firm providing the insight that leaders require to make better, more informed decisions that reduce risk, optimize resources and maximize success.  Aimpoint Research creatively blends best practices from military intelligence disciplines with traditional and cutting-edge consumer research methodologies to provide unprecedented insight that leads to successful organizational strategies.

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