March Madness Begins

Columbus, OH – It’s March and the Madness is here once again. Basketball fanatics and those who haven’t watched a game all season are anxiously awaiting to see which team is going to bust the bracket.

According to a new poll of 1,004 adults, Loyola (Chicago) could be the Cinderella story and capture the attention of the country, but Villanova is the expected favorite to cut down the final net followed by perennial powers Duke, Virginia, and North Carolina.

This morning, Aimpoint Research is reporting that over 56,000,000 (22.5%) of those in the US will enter at least one tournament pool to pick the winners of the 63 games. There will be over 222 million brackets estimated to be filled out with 7.1% of the population filling out 10 or more brackets. That’s a whole lot of office bragging rights at stake!

But people will be cheering for their picks in a more comfortable environment than at the office. This poll of 1,000 found that nearly half the country (45.2%) will watch the tournament at a bar or restaurant.

An astounding 40.8% in the US is reported to watch some portion of the tournament. That projects to over 101,790,00 adults in the US! Good luck to all who have filled out a bracket. May the 1 in 9.2 quintillion odds of a perfect bracket be in your favor. For more information contact