Our story is unique.

For over two decades, Aimpoint Research has served the agri-food value chain.

CEO Brett Sciotto, founded Aimpoint Research when he left the military. A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and former Army Intelligence Officer, Brett understood the best practices from military intelligence could be utilized to help business leaders solve problems and set strategies. 

Today, our military DNA remains core to our principles and how we approach our work at Aimpoint Research. 

With a profound understanding that food security is essential to national security, Aimpoint Research found fast success serving the global agri-food industry. 

Aimpoint Research is more than an ag marketing research firm. We bring the power of strategic, integrated intelligence to our clients.

Providing a competitive advantage by building intelligence-driven organizations is the core mission of Aimpoint Research. In the military, good intelligence could mean the difference between life and death decisions. While our clients may not be dealing with life or death decisions, the stakes are still high and the impact of quality intelligence is clear. 

We work with our clients to integrate intelligence from a variety of methods and sources, including market research, ongoing contextual insights through the Executive Intelligence Network, Aimpoint's over-the-horizon industry research and intelligence-based strategic planning. Learn more about our services here.

Global Reach

Our clients' work is not bound by borders, and neither are we. The industries Aimpoint Research serves are global in nature and impacted by dynamics around the world. We've conducted market research studies in every developed country and some developing countries. When you work with us, you benefit from our global context and experience. 

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