Eric Gibson

Intelligence Analyst & Fusion Leader

In his role as Fusion Leader, Eric brings a vast knowledge of segments across the agri-food value chain from the farm to the consumer. He challenges himself each day to never leave a question unasked and do his best to find the answer. When he’s not studying up on the latest in agri-food, you will find Eric outdoors. He enjoys fitness, playing sports, and of course his favorite animal, cows. Eric stays involved in his church and community and doesn’t hesitate to find a friend wherever he goes.

Prior to joining Aimpoint Research, Eric graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture. He has career experience in agricultural finance, public relations, communications, marketing, and industry relations. He “geeks out” on all things agriculture as there isn’t a segment or topic he isn’t enthralled by.

“I consider myself an agriculturalist – my goal is to serve this industry however possible. I’m always eager to learn and equip myself with the necessary skills or knowledge to do so,” Gibson said.

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