Nelson Carter

Fusion Leader

Nelson Carter brings immense experience within the agriculture industry to his role as a Fusion Leader and Senior Intelligence Analyst at Aimpoint Research. Through growing up on a farm and then operating one ​himself in North Texas, Nelson brings expertise in crop production and direct-to-consumer business.​

Prior to joining Aimpoint Research, Nelson received a degree in journalism from Texas A&M University. He started his career as an agricultural reporter and then spent 15 years in telecommunications working throughout the United States, Europe, China, and Latin America. ​

Nelson then journeyed back to his farm upbringing by starting a direct-to-consumer operation in 2014 that focused on supplying the restaurant industry in the Dallas & Fort Worth markets. His operation consisted of five acres of vegetable production including a one-acre greenhouse, grass-fed lambs, eggs, and meat poultry, with a state-inspected poultry processing plant he owned and operated. ​

In his current role, he focuses on policy, technology, labor and economics. His expertise in the agri-food industry has supported client projects involving finance, insurance, agrichemical, and commodities. ​

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