Industry Solutions

A structured Car Clinic lets the client evaluate, during an integrated study, some alternative concepts of exterior and interior design and the ergonomic perception.

Owner satisfaction and prospects SUV cars study lets clients evaluate quantitative questionnaire, and a qualitative Focus Group data. Everything from visibility to cargo area roominess evaluation.

Prestigious cars owners and prospects participate in Luxury Car Clinics for full evaluations and consumer feedback on new (pre-launch) and existing luxury products.

The clinic is designed for an experiential future mobility theme – at key stages of the evaluation, respondents were exposed to carefully designed visual experiences, putting them in the right frame of mind.

Integrated Design and Ethnographic Qualitative Study in the small MPV segment, the study include diaries in an ethnographic portion, paired interviews, quantitative in central locations, and focus groups.

Define the passengers satisfaction performances, customer profiling, key operative indexes (i.E. waiting time), and monitoring of the performance quality indexes.

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