Aimpoint Research brings the power of strategic, integrated intelligence to our clients. 

Aimpoint Research provides our clients a competitive advantage through integrated intelligence.

Aimpoint's model integrates intelligence from four foundational pillars: Research, Awareness, Prediction and Activation. We work with our clients to integrate intelligence from each pillar, fusing data points to lead you from information to insights to action.

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Integrated Intelligence

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to create custom intelligence solutions designed to answer your specific critical information requirements.

Market Research

Among others, our experts empower organizations through insights across the following areas:

  • Segmentation
  • Brand Equity
  • Customer Experience
  • Behavior & Habits
  • Attitudes, Awareness & Usage
  • Benchmarking & Trending
  • Employee Engagement
  • Custom Farmer of the Future Research Applications
  • Market Share
  • Price Elasticity
  • Share of Wallet (SOW)
  • Ad Tracking
  • Concept & Message Testing
  • Qualitative Research

Business Intelligence

  • Data Discover
  • CRM Integration
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Reporting and Alerts
  • Dashboarding

The agri-food value chain is evolving at an unprecedented rate of change. Situational awareness provides the context, ground truth and over-the-horizon vision that provide leaders a competitive advantage.

Our team of analysts at Aimpoint Research help filter through the noise by continuously monitoring the sectors of the value chain, connecting the dots and flagging the events and dynamics that have the potential to impact your organization and sector of the industry.

Situational Awareness services and tactics include:

Aimpoint Research is a partner beyond providing insights. We work in collaboration with our clients to help organizations take action, set strategies and build operational plans based on the intelligence.

Aimpoint utilizes a number of custom processes and methodologies that lead clients from insight to action, including:

  • Intelligence-Based Strategic Planning
  • Wargaming
  • Activation Sessions

When you work with us, you gain the benefit of Aimpoint's deep knowledge, over-the-horizon vision and context of the agri-food industry. We frequently apply insights from our thought leadership platforms like Farmer of the Future and Next Gen Consumer to individual client work. In addition, we help position our clients to become thought leaders in their specific industries.

Aimpoint continually conducts research on sectors the agri-food value chain, adding valuable insights to our thought leadership platforms, including:

  • Industry Wargame
  • Farmer of the Future
  • Next Gen Consumer
  • Ag Trends
  • Emerging Issues Research