Activation & Intelligence-Based Strategic Planning

Insights are simply data points until they are integrated into strategy.

We work in collaboration with our clients to help organizations take action, set strategies and build operational plans based on insights, truly building intelligence-based organizations.

Moving foundational research into action.

Delivering insights is only the first step in building an intelligence-driven organization. We guide our clients move beyond insights and foundational research to help them integrate the insights and take action across their organizations.

We designed the Aimpoint Research Activation model to socialize and understand insights across your organization, evaluate key takeaways and organizational impacts, consider strategies and tactics to implement to address the key insights and identify decision support tools for future success.

Aimpoint Research believes the best strategic planning processes guide organizations beyond echo chambers to fully consider industry dynamics - based on intelligence - to optimally position our clients for future success.


Our Intelligence-Based Strategic Planning model leads organizations through a structured process from Intel Assessment to Solution Sets + Plan Development to Continued Assessment. Based on your goals and your sector of the industry, Aimpoint Research will utilize our suite of intel collection assets and strategic planning strategies, like wargaming, to construct an Intelligence-Based Strategic Planning process for you and your organization.