Aimpoint Research provides thought-provoking insights for leaders across the agri-food value chain through credible, engaging presentations and regularly share the findings from our thought leadership platforms Farmer of the Future, Next Gen Consumers, and Food Power. Our team of professional speakers are available for meetings, conference presentations and other organizational engagements. 

Building from our thought leadership platforms as foundational pillars, we work collaboratively with our clients to dive deeper, consider impacts and facilitate organizational change. We provide audiences the benefit of our industry-wide context and expertise. 

Top Speakers

Brett Sciotto leads a team of former military intelligence officers, agricultural experts, and market research professionals as they work to empower intelligence-driven organizations. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a former Army Intelligence Officer, Brett brings a practical, results-oriented approach to the civilian business world.

Brett's Signature Presentations: Food Power, Farmer of the Future, Next Gen Consumers

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In his role as Executive Advisor, Ray Starling serves as an invaluable resource on public policy and legal developments that have the potential to impact the agri-food value chain. He is available for special events, select client engagements, and speaking opportunities. He continues to serve as general counsel of the NC Chamber and president of the NC Chamber Legal Institute as well.

Ray's Signature Presentations: Farmers Versus Foodies, Five Things to Watch in Ag Economics, Consumer Perceptions of Agriculture

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Gregg Doud brings an unparalleled global perspective and economic expertise to the team. He works closely with members of the Executive Intelligence Network (EIN) and plays a major role in the development of its thought leadership priorities. Prior to joining Aimpoint Research, Gregg served in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative as Chief Agricultural Negotiator with the rank of U.S. Ambassador.

Gregg's Signature Presentations: Agricultural Economics, Geopolitics, Global Trade

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Aimpoint Research is proud to provide a team of credible and knowledgeable presenters. For more information about additional speakers and available topics, click here.