Farmer of the Future

A Multi-Dimensional, Predictive Research Study

Propelled by a perfect storm of market dynamics, innovation, demographic shifts and new management philosophies, the farmers of the future will quite simply defy conventional wisdom and conventional business models. Some estimates indicate just 5% of farms will produce 75% or more of America’s agricultural output by 2040. While the forces of consolidation and transformation are well known to industry leaders, the true nature of the farmers of the future is left to speculation.

Landmark Research

Aimpoint Research has extensive experience serving agricultural clients. Over time, we began to recognize certain, disruptive trends emerging in the industry, which led us to launch our own research study.  We’ve conducted new, landmark research revealing the psychology of the farmers who are most likely to lead the industry in 2040 and both the internal and external factors impacting their success. We understand how the forces are elevating certain farmers to unprecedented scale and success while others are driven out of business.

Farmer of the Future Presentation

Our CEO, Brett Sciotto, has presented on ag trends and the Farmer of the Future to thousands of the nation’s top agricultural leaders. We’re challenging the businesses and institutions of Agriculture to look further to the horizon to gain a deeper understanding of their position in a quickly-evolving agri-food system. Traditional businesses and organizations must evolve to serve a new entrepreneurial class of farmer who will control production agriculture in the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Farmer of the Future or if you’re interested in having Brett Sciotto present at your meeting, please send us a note.