Dave Juday

Executive Advisor for Economics and Trade

As a member of the Aimpoint Research Executive Advisory Group, Dave Juday works with select clients on custom projects and contributes to thought leadership platforms and intelligence services, including the Executive Intelligence Network. Founder and principal of The Juday Group, Dave brings expertise in market analysis, policy, economics, issue management, agriculture, and food.

Dave started his career in the U.S. Senate as an aide and Task Force Investigator for the U.S. Senate Committee on the Budget. He later served in the White House in the Office of the Vice President as Deputy Director of Domestic Policy and staff member for the Council on Competitiveness, a Cabinet-level working group tasked with reviewing federal regulations to ensure U.S. economic competitiveness. He has also held an appointment as an adjunct fellow with the Hudson Institute’s Center for Global Food Issues.

In addition to his work with a broad range of profit and non-profit organizations in agriculture, Dave has managed ad hoc industry coalitions in the forest products industry and assisted State Departments of Agriculture on international trade strategies and evaluations. He is particularly skilled at market assessment and policy risks to business models.

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