Kristen Dickey

Account Executive

Kristen Dickey brings a wealth of experience in agriculture and financial services to her role as an Account Executive as she is a fourth-generation grain farmer from Northwest Ohio.

Prior to joining Aimpoint Research, Kristen graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural economics and a Master of Science degree in agricultural communications. She spent more than a decade of her professional career at Farm Credit Mid-America (FCMA). Her passion for customer experience research led her to help create the CX program and division at FCMA. ​

Throughout her career, Kristen has developed a profound interest in customer and employee experience, along with understanding the importance organizations should place on these initiatives to ensure long-term success. Kristen's recognizes and believes that customer experience is a focus area that will make or break a company in today’s marketplace. ​

In her role as Account Executive, she is excited to help Aimpoint’s clients focus on the future of the agri-food industry and prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead. ​

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