Lee Ann Evans

Director, Research Insights

Lee Ann’s extensive background in market research has made her a natural fit in her new role as Director of Research Insights at Aimpoint Research. Her experience with the operational aspects of market research allows her to navigate challenges that may arise and come to a solution, and enjoys having visibility into Aimpoint’s clients’ broader strategies and figuring out how market research insights fit into a more holistic solution.

Lee Ann received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Bowling Green State University and a Master of Business Administration at Xavier University. Prior to joining Aimpoint Research, Lee Ann’s work was on the supplier side of market research serving in many roles. She worked on coding, data processing, project management, analysis and reporting. She also conducted research design, consultation, and business development in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

When Lee Ann isn’t diving deep into the complex world of market research, you can find her outdoors as she loves hiking, camping, kayaking, or simply sitting on her patio. As a Cincinnati native, she and her husband stay busy with the many activities their three kids are involved in.

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