Finding New Ways to Serve the Agri-Food Industry 

Eric Gibson and Family

As a Fusion Leader, Eric Gibson works with Aimpoint Research clients to explore how integrated intelligence and research services can best serve their organizations - from the farm to the consumer. He brings extensive knowledge of agriculture to his work, including his experience of growing up on a farm in eastern Missouri where they raised cattle, row crops, and hay. 

“Growing up on a diverse operation helped mold my interests in and abilities to understand much of the agri-food value chain. Learning from my father, specifically his desire to work hard and care for the land and livestock he relies on, introduced me to the endless impacts agriculture has on our growing world.”

Eric has worked across the agricultural finance, public relations, communications, marketing, and industry relations sectors, including time with Farmers Business Network, the U.S. Soybeans Export Council, Brighton Agency, and FCS Financial. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. 

Each piece in Eric's journey is a testament to his commitment to serving the agri-food value in each role he encompasses. He challenges himself each day to never leave a question unasked and do his best to find the answer. His lifelong commitment to learning leads to even more exploration of the industry he loves. 

“I consider myself an agriculturalist – my goal is to serve this industry however possible. I’m always eager to learn and equip myself with the necessary skills or knowledge to do so. I 'geek out' on all things agriculture - there isn't a segment or topic I can't be enthralled by.”

When he’s not studying up on the latest in agri-food, you will find Eric outdoors. He enjoys fitness, playing sports, and of course his favorite animal...cows. Eric stays involved in his church and community and doesn’t hesitate to find a friend wherever he goes. He holds strong to his Missouri roots, residing there with his wife and four daughters.