Kristen Dickey, Aimpoint Research Fusion Leader
Keeping Customer Experience at the Center of it All

As a Fusion Leader, Kristen Dickey works collaboratively with Aimpoint Research clients to provide a competitive advantage through a broad range of integrated services and insights. She brings agricultural expertise and a passion for customer experience to every project.

"I enjoy helping our clients focus on the future of agriculture and pushing them to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead," said Kristen. "I feel very strongly about customer experience being a focus area that will make or break a company in today's marketplace. It's critical to keep that in the forefront."

Prior to joining the team, Kristen was an Aimpoint Research client during her tenure with Farm Credit Mid-America.

"I started working with Aimpoint as a client in 2018 and together we launched countless studies and facilitated wargames and planning sessions. Now I get to take my knowledge and help others throughout the industry integrate this kind of work into their strategy and see the impact to their bottom line."

Kristen Dickey and Family

Continuing an Agricultural Legacy

Kristen is no stranger to agriculture. She is a fourth-generation grain farmer and graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural economics and a Master of Science degree in agricultural communications. She is a member of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF), past state committee member of the OFBF Young Ag Professionals, and graduate of AgriPOWER IX. She resides in northwest Ohio with her husband and two children.

"I get to challenge myself every day at Aimpoint, gaining new perspectives and learning about new sectors of the industry. It's a privilege to work with both clients and teammates who have a huge passion for agriculture and help build the path my children and grandchildren will walk one day as fifth- and sixth-generation farmers."