Livestock production has been challenged significantly over the last few years due to labor, weather, rising input costs, volatile commodity prices, supply chain disruptions, and livestock diseases across the globe. Advancements and investments in animal health technology continue to address those challenges while bringing data collection and sustainability to the forefront and we expect these investments to increase.

We expect continued investment in technology to advance on-farm efficiency and data collection in the animal health industry in 2023. This will lead to an acceleration in digitization and progress in efforts to improve the health of the animal while enhancing sustainable production practices.

The most notable trends continue to be product and service offerings that prevent and treat disease, improve the microbiome of the animal, and reduce methane and ammonia emissions. Additionally, the advancement and adoption of hardware devices such as smart tags, sensors, camera-based systems, and GPS devices on livestock farms is a major factor driving market growth. The cattle market is projected to account for the largest share as many of these technologies are geared toward wearable devices for cattle that monitor their health, along with feed additives that work to lower their emissions.

However, government regulation and support of these technological advancements will be important for research and development to progress and for new products to become widely adopted. Producers’ use of these technologies, such as running trials on their operations, will help industry-wide adoption and government support to advance. 

As new technologies begin to come into the market and adoption expands, this will further drive the evolution of a digitally connected, dynamic protein value chain.

Data & Sustainability Driving Animal Health Tech

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