Maintaining situational awareness of the trends and disruptions impacting the agri-food value chain

The Aimpoint Research Executive Intelligence Network (EIN) is designed for leaders in the agri-food value chain. EIN membership allows you to tap into our team of analysts who continually monitor the disruptions, trends and innovations occurring across the industry, providing unprecedented situational awareness for your organization.

Our team of analysts (WatchDesk) monitors hundreds of collection assets to filter through the noise, connect the dots, and highlight the most significant developments.

The Executive Intelligence Network Includes:

Members receive one seat at the Agri-Food Industry Wargame, which brings leaders from across the value chain every year to explore future scenarios in a fun, highly interactive way. Wargames help organizations break through echo chambers and explore inventive solutions to complex problems.

Modeled after military intelligence watch desks, our Agri-Food WatchDesk is made up of a team of experienced analysts who utilize hundreds of collection assets and continually monitor the trends, disruptions, and innovations that could represent threats and/or opportunities for our clients.

EIN members have access to monthly Battlefield Intelligence Briefings. These monthly webinars provide an overview of what our analysts are observing and an opportunity for clients to engage with our team and other EIN members on vital issues.

The Annual Agri-Food Intelligence Assessment is a comprehensive report on disruptive and emerging trends across the agri-food value chain. Modeled after the Worldwide Threat Assessment produced by the U.S. Intelligence Community, this is a cornerstone document for leaders to aid strategic planning efforts and decision making.

The annual Disruption Workshop gives EIN members a look over the horizon at emerging trends that have the potential to significantly impact the agri-food value chain and the way we do business.

EIN is an annual membership. To join, or for more information, please contact us.