Farmer of the Future 2.0 is more than a segmentation.

Farmer of the Future 2.0 is a syndicated research platform that includes a new audience segmentation, current state intelligence, and future state predictions to enable deeper understanding of U.S. farmers and ranchers. Grounded in extensive research, Farmer of the Future 2.0 builds upon Aimpoint Research’s original landmark 2018 Farmer of the Future analysis.

Proven by five years of research and real-world applications, the original Farmer of the Future segmentation continues to be an accurate and impactful tool. Now with the 2023 research results, Aimpoint Research has developed a new segmentation that augments the original and provides even more clarity on farmers’ current attitudes and mindsets. It unlocks powerful insights that will help organizations better understand, engage, and ultimately serve their existing and future customers.

Landmark Research.

Aimpoint Research launched Farmer of the Future in 2018, a foundational study and audience segmentation of U.S. farmers that completely changed the way many organizations had previously approached the market. Moving beyond demographics, Farmer of the Future segments farmers by psychographics, such as growth-orientation, business acumen, innovation, and risk appetite. To learn more about the segments and their evolution, download the Farmer of the Future 2.0 Executive Summary.

How to Implement

Farmer of the Future 2.0 can be integrated at varying levels across your organization.

Farmer of the Future 2.0 Report

The Farmer of the Future 2.0 report is available for organizations to purchase. The report contains detail by segment on current attitudes and mindsets, as well as behavioral insights. Organizations will have access to summary tables and certain regional and commodity breakouts. Aimpoint takes the report beyond survey data, providing critical context as it relates to the current and future operating environment, including analysis on how producers will likely evolve in response to those forces.

For work contracted with Aimpoint, organizations purchasing the Farmer of the Future 2.0 report will have unlimited use of Aimpoint’s proprietary Farmer of the Future 2.0 typing tool, a short survey that classifies producers into their most likely segment.

Investment: $25,000

Users will have access to the full report through a digital portal that includes 20 user licenses.

Purchase the Farmer of the Future 2.0 Report

Farmer of the Future is a facilitated workshop built to fully immerse your team in the full Farmer of the Future 2.0 platform and identify associated organizational impacts and actions. Participants will explore the most impactful pathways to incorporate the findings from Farmer of the Future 2.0 into their strategies and day-to-day operations. This workshop aligns teams in leadership, sales, marketing and communications, operations and more.

Organizations can access the complete data set behind Farmer of the Future 2.0, as well as Aimpoint’s proprietary Farmer of the Future 2.0 typing tool that your organization can utilize. This allows Farmer of the Future 2.0 to be seamlessly integrated into your CRM system, enabling personalization and strategy execution.

Proxy Segmentation is an advanced Machine Learning technique that Aimpoint’s team of data scientists can utilize to segment your organization’s total customer base. Proxy segmentation efficiently and effectively brings the Farmer of the Future 2.0 segments to life across your organization.

At Aimpoint, we fundamentally believe in the power of integrated intelligence, and we employ a team of business intelligence experts, data scientists, market researchers and agri-food industry experts. If you’re interested in implementing Farmer of the Future 2.0 across your organization or uncovering specific insights, our team can design a custom solution that works for you. Together, we can move beyond understanding into action, giving your organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Experts from Aimpoint Research are available to deliver a keynote speech at your next conference, event or strategy team meeting. Featuring topline insights from Farmer of the Future 2.0, participants will leave with a clear understanding of the defining characteristics of each segment, the future state of the agri-food industry and associated impacts for the organizations serving farmers and ranchers.

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