Who are the farmers of the future, and what will they require of us?

Propelled by a perfect storm of market dynamics, innovation, demographic shifts and new management philosophies, the farmers of the future will quite simply defy conventional wisdom and conventional business models. Some estimates indicate just 5% of farms will produce 75% or more of America’s agricultural output by 2040. While the forces of consolidation and transformation are well known to industry leaders, the true nature of the farmers of the future is left to speculation.

Landmark Research.

Aimpoint Research has extensive experience serving agricultural clients. Over time, we began to recognize certain, disruptive trends emerging in the industry, which led us to launch our own research study.

Our study focused on U.S. farmers, and was inclusive of all commodities.

This landmark research revealed the psychology of the farmers who are most likely to lead the industry in 2040 and both the internal and external factors impacting their success. We understand how the forces are elevating certain farmers to unprecedented scale and success while others are driven out of business.

A New Way to Reach and Communicate With the Farmer Audience

It's time to move beyond basic demographics when it comes to communicating with and selling to the farmer audience. Farmers are defined by more than age and size. The revolutionary Farmer of the Future study revealed five farmer psychographic profiles that focus on how farmers view the world and how they make decisions - offering a new approach for the organizations and businesses that serve the farmer audience. 

Learn how your organization can implement Farmer of the Future: