Food security is national security.

The United States’ ability to produce enough food to feed its population, as well as other populations around the world, is a significant national security advantage that we call American Food Power. However, our system has critical vulnerabilities and there are threats that must be addressed in order to protect this advantage.

Some of these critical vulnerabilities include lack of contingency planning, infrastructure, cyber security, policy encroachment, farmland control, political shifts, single points of failure, foreign inputs, and labor.

Navigating Vulnerabilities

Aimpoint Research®, a global strategic intelligence firm with deep roots in the U.S. military and agriculture, believes that the U.S. must establish a national security view of the agri-food value chain, think critically about the vulnerabilities to our system (both known and unknown), and take action to defend against both internal and external threats.

American Food Power is core to the purpose of Aimpoint Research and our leaders and analysts regularly update the industry on our experience, perspective and call to action.

Nine Critical Vulnerabilities to Food Power