The Rise of Consumer Food Consciousness & Impacts on the Agri-food Value Chain

From the farm gate to the dinner plate, our food system is experiencing an unprecedented rate of change and shifting consumer preferences are driving this evolution. Propelled by five macro forces and a global rise in food consciousness, the next generation of consumers will completely transform the way they relate to brands, products and the environment.

For this study, Aimpoint Research analyzed global dynamics, consumer and industry trends and conducted our own proprietary research on consumer preferences and drivers. While there are some nuances between generations, it is not just younger generations driving these changes. As we see a rise in Consumer Food Consciousness globally, all generations are experiencing a shift.

Macro Forces Leading To Global Food Consciousness


Rising economic and food security across nations


Growing education and literacy rates


Expanding global distribution networks and access to products


Increasing access to information through the Internet


Rising competition leading to innovation and far more product choices

Industry Impacts

In an industry that’s transforming rapidly, the entire food system will need to determine how to maintain relevance in dynamic times. Manufacturers, distributors, food processors, growers and all businesses involved in the agri-food value chain will need to be vigilant, adaptable, innovative and proactive when it comes to building relationships and meeting consumer demands.

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