Wargaming is a powerful tool and interactive exercise that supports decision making, planning and vision.


Aimpoint Research's Wargames

With our military DNA and specialized staff expertise, Aimpoint Research is uniquely qualified to bring the power of wargaming to organizations. Through wargaming, we've helped leaders solve complex problems, test solutions, implement organizational change, and develop long-term goals and strategies.

So what is it? A wargame is a simulation of a business situation usually involving role-playing, teams, and a series of rounds. Participants plan actions, debate, form alliances with other teams, and play with concepts on a game board that represents their operating environment. Wargamers are forced to deal with real-world situations, competitors’ actions, diverse customer demands, and unforeseen events quickly and in real-time. Wargames can also be used as a tool to align partners and/or internal stakeholders around a central idea or strategic direction.

This is not your typical conference or planning meeting. The structure of a wargame ensures active participation and creativity, while also challenging participants to think differently about their business environment. The competitive nature of the game also creates a fun learning atmosphere.

Case Studies

A rapidly growing start-up in the agri-food industry used a wargame to pressure test a new go-to-market plan it had developed to capture market share from multiple large, active competitors. A custom wargame was designed to find both the internal and external factors that could derail their goals, explore what actions allowed their internal team to mitigate the risks of those factors.

This wargame resulted in a more resilient plan, greater understanding among company leaders of the highest risks, and alignment among those leaders on how to strengthen the organization’s overall strategy.

A group of partner organizations working together to lure high impact, cutting-edge innovators to their emerging business model asked Aimpoint Research to help them explore options and unforeseen challenges before they formalized an action plan. The wargame design had to reflect the realities of the business environment, while also ensuring that players had to explore the opportunities within the context of the multi-organizational partnership.

A long-lasting, established consumer brand wanted to begin positioning itself as an industry leader in nutrition, food security, and sustainable food systems. However, consumer trends and expectations, as well as the dynamics of the agri-food supply chain have been rapidly evolving, and leaders knew they needed to attack this strategy in a new way.

Aimpoint Research designed a custom game for the leaders designated to tackle this goal. Over the course of two days, this group explored what it takes to competitively position themselves in these broad areas (nutrition, food security, sustainable food systems, and how their current strengths could be utilized).

Wargames can be designed in a way that uses competition to strengthen partnerships. A group of non-competitive clients with similar positions in the marketplace came to Aimpoint Research to help them jumpstart their process of identifying common goals, develop long-term cooperative strategies, and create a partnership capable of defending against emerging, disruptive market forces.

Aimpoint Research's Annual Agri-Food Industry Wargame

A dynamic, interactive event built to explore the future of the agri-food value chain. The wargame brings together industry leaders and experts to collaboratively think about the future, test scenarios and explore likely outcomes across the agri-food value chain.