What is the Industry Wargame?

Aimpoint Research’s Industry Wargame is a dynamic, interactive event built to explore the future of the agri-food value chain. The wargame brings together industry leaders and experts in a collaborative two-day exercise to think deeply about the future, test scenarios and explore likely outcomes across the agri-food value chain.

The first annual Industry Wargame in 2018 contributed to the landmark Farmer of the Future study, which revealed the psychology of the farmers who are most likely to lead the industry in 2040 and the internal and external factors impacting their success. The Wargame results predicted likely transformations and events that will impact the agri-food value chain through 2040.

The 2023 mission is innovation. Wargames often expose the friction between the need to innovate and the barriers to implementation. This year we’re going to take a radically new approach to break through this friction and build TWO wargames that will battle each other along the way.

Players will either work to transform the current agri-food system or build a new one from the ground up – and see the challenges and opportunities unique to each journey.

Interested in Attending?

Each November, the Industry Wargame brings together leaders across each sector of the agri-food value chain. Overall, the event is designed for senior executives who have a strategic-level point-of-view. This is typically C-Suite Officers and Executive/Senior Vice Presidents. Most importantly, participants should be able to speak with authority about likely actions and reactions their sectors of the industry would take in response to certain dynamics.