Aimpoint Research is a global, strategic intelligence firm that specializes in agri-food. 

Committed to offering your organization a competitive advantage by blending best practices from military intelligence disciplines with innovative research methodologies and superior analysis. Aimpoint Research helps organizations understand what's really happening in the marketplace, what's going to happen in the future, and what to do to ensure success in that future. Aimpoint Research has extensive experience serving clients throughout the entire agri-food value chain and beyond. 

We work with our clients to integrate intelligence from a variety of methods and sources:

  • Market Research
  • WatchDesk
  • Executive Intelligence Network
  • Thought Leadership Platforms
  • Intelligence-Based Strategic Planning

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Who We Are

Brett Sciotto

Brett Sciotto founded Aimpoint Research when he left the military. A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and former Army Intelligence Officer, Brett understood that best practices from military intelligence could be utilized to help business leaders solve problems and set strategies.

Today, our military DNA remains core to our principles and how we approach our work.

Our team not only brings rich military experience to the table, but also strong industry experience across the agri-food chain.

Our diverse backgrounds allow us to analyze situations from a variety of perspectives and offer intelligence supported by industry experts.

American Flag

Aimpoint Research believes that food security is national security.

The United States’ ability to produce enough food to feed its population, as well as other populations around the world, is a significant national security advantage. Our work allows us to do our part in helping the key players of the agri-food chain work towards a more food secure nation.

More than an ag marketing research firm. We bring the power of strategic, integrated intelligence to our clients.

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