Aimpoint Research believes in leading for the future. Our thought leadership platforms are grounded in data and research, providing continued insights and over-the-horizon vision for leaders across the agri-food value chain.

We share the findings from our thought leadership platforms like Farmer of the Future, Next Gen Consumer, and Food Power with agri-food leaders around the world through speeches, conference presentations and organizational engagements. 

Building from our thought leadership platforms as foundational pillars, we work collaboratively with our clients to dive deeper, consider impacts and facilitate organizational change. When you work with us, you gain the benefit of our industry-wide context and expertise. 

Our Signature Platforms:

Who are the farmers of the future, and what will they require of us?

Propelled by a perfect storm of market dynamics, innovation, demographic shifts and new management philosophies, the farmers of the future will quite simply defy conventional wisdom and conventional business models. Some estimates indicate just 5% of farms will produce 75% or more of America’s agricultural output by 2040. While the forces of consolidation and transformation are well known to industry leaders, the true nature of the farmers of the future is left to speculation.

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Food security is national security. How can we protect America's food power?

The United States’ ability to produce enough food to feed its population, as well as other populations around the world, is a significant national security advantage. The prevailing U.S. national security strategy model includes four instruments of national power known as DIME (diplomatic, informational, military, economic), but does not contemplate the foundational role that food security plays in both national security and global stability.

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How will we satisfy the next generation of consumers and their ever-changing preferences?

From the farm gate to the dinner plate, our food system is experiencing an unprecedented rate of change and shifting consumer preferences are driving this evolution. Propelled by five macro forces and a global rise in food consciousness, the next generation of consumers will completely transform the way they relate to brands, products and the environment.

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