1 in 5 consumers eat plant-based meat alternatives...but there's more to the story.

According to the December 2020 survey, 20% of U.S. consumers report eating a plant-based meat alternative within the last 30 days. Of those consumers who consume plant-based meat alternatives, 71% cite health as their primary reason. 43% of all U.S. consumers believe that plant-based meat alternatives have a positive effect on health, whether they are currently consuming them or not.

Plant-based Meat Alternatives

At the same time, Aimpoint Research's Agri-Food WatchDesk reports the plant-based meat alternative sector raised $1.5 billion in only the first 7 months of 2020 (per the Global Food Institute). This is an increase of 80% over the entire 2019 year even as COVID-19 disrupted global markets. 

These are only a few of the indicators the Agri-Food WatchDesk team is tracking, and our analysts believe this sector is poised to disrupt growth in the global animal protein industry. A full report and analysis on this and other topics are available through the Executive Intelligence Network.

The Aimpoint Research Agri-Food WatchDesk continually monitors trends and potential disruptors in the value chain, while the market research team conducts qualitative and quantitative research on a frequent basis. Our unique fusion process brings all sources together to provide superior intelligence to our clients.

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