New Study Will Explore Dynamics Impacting Rural America

Aimpoint Research® recently announced its 2021 thought leadership priorities, including the augmentation of their groundbreaking Farmer of the Future and Next Gen Consumer studies and the launch of a new platform exploring the dynamics affecting rural America and the impact they will have long-term on agriculture, our economy and the world.

Aimpoint Research thought leadership platforms (Ag Trends, Farmer of the Future, Next Gen Consumers and Mobility of the Future) are comprehensive intelligence reports that answer complex, but fundamental questions about how industries and markets will evolve over time. Fused with results from the annual agri-food Industry Wargame, they serve as foundational pillars for Aimpoint Research’s work and provide unprecedented context and vision to leaders across the value chain.

Population decline, economic struggle, broadband access, infrastructure, mobility, land use, and urban-adjacent populations are just a few of the dynamics impacting rural America, its future, and how it will impact the agri-food value chain. Aimpoint Research will explore these themes and identify trends, disruptors, and opportunities, as well as provide predictive insights about the future in its newest thought leadership platform. This intelligence report is a major priority for Aimpoint Research and findings are expected to be released later this year.

“A strong and resilient agri-food industry is foundational to our national security,” said Brett Sciotto, Aimpoint Research CEO. “Rapidly evolving market conditions, unprecedented disruption and global dynamics can complicate business decisions and planning. We don’t shy away from asking and answering the hardest industry questions and communicating a clear, research-based vision of the future that helps leaders make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage. We will continue to challenge conventional wisdom and provide the industries we serve with best-in-class intelligence to help them be successful.”

January 21, 2021

Executive Intelligence Network

The Aimpoint Research team will work collaboratively with its Executive Intelligence Network (EIN) to tackle their 2021 priorities. This network includes leaders from across the agri-food value chain and will be key partners in thought leadership development. This group of industry leaders adds a broad, comprehensive perspective to the intelligence.

To learn more about the EIN and how you can be involved, contact Sarah Tvieidt at